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The Most Advanced Treatment and Imaging Technology

TrueBeam System

Upstate Cancer Center is the first in the region to offer the TrueBeam System: a multi-modality, state of the art linear accelerator offering the widest assortment of individualized therapies.


Cancer treatments are changing. The TrueBeam system from Varian Medical Systems is an advanced radiotherapy technology for treating cancer. Opening up treatment options for people with cancer, it targets tumors with accuracy measured in millimeters. With its power and flexibility, physicians can develop treatments that are best suited for patients' individual circumstances.

Many different types of cancers are now being treated using radiotherapy procedures. The TrueBeam system from Varian Medical Systems expands radiotherapy treatment options for even the most challenging cases, such as cancers in the head and neck, lung, liver, breast and abdomen. It offers many different types of advanced treatment techniques including stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), RapidArc® radiotherapy technology and Gated RapidArc .

TrueBeam was designed with many features that can improve the overall patient experience. With shorter treatment times and quieter operation, TrueBeam provides for a more comfortable environment for patients. Enhanced communication technology enables a constant interaction between the patient and the therapist who operates the equipment. Three closed-circuit television systems enable the therapist to monitor the patient at all times. Music can be played during treatment, helping to increase patient comfort.

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Vero technology

New Vero system targets tumors more precisely

Upstate is one of two institutions in North America to offer the Vero, a 9-ton ring of sophisticated cancer weaponry that allows radiation oncologists to pinpoint tumors and deliver radiation with unprecedented precision.

Vero provides high accuracy for treatment delivery, even with moving targets. Core features, such as sophisticated and versatile image-guidance, verification tools and the first-of-its-kind gimbaled irradiation head with tilt functions deliver targeting confidence.

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These advances will complement Upstate’s existing stable of treatment technology including Tomotherapy, Calypso, Gamma-knife Perfexion and RapidArc – giving Upstate the greatest depth and breadth of radiotherapy treatment options in the region. These advances allow customized treatment for every one of our patients - with the hope of greater cure rates and fewer side effects.

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