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Pancreatic cancer patient Gail Brehm with physician Ajay Jain

Patient Stories

Chris Atwood cancer survivor

Riding again: He bicycles despite kidney transplant, cancer diagnosis

Transplant recipient and cancer survivor Chris Atwood bikes 2,000 to 3,000 miles per year.  Read more...

Parker Hysick, leukemia patient

Growing up, despite cancer

The Hysicks of Baldwinsville got a puppy in November 2012, and their son Parker played with her constantly. So when Parker developed bruises, his mom and dad thought they were from roughhousing. Read more...

Dr. Jain with patient

Personal plan: Her team crafted the best way to fight her pancreatic cancer

A tumor quietly growing in Gail Brehm’s pancreas invaded her stomach and surrounding soft tissues. Eventually the mass began pressing on a nerve. Read more...

Upstate medical students set up a fundraising run and crowdfunding site for their classmate, Alex Paley, who has a brain tumor

Ailing med student Alex Paley: 'A brilliant mind, a true friend'

Upstate medical students set up a fundraising run and crowdfunding site for their class mate, Alex Paley, who has a brain tumor. Read more...

Toni Lindgren on her Harley

With lung cancer at bay, she's cruising Florida coast on her Harley

As a retired police officer, Toni Lindgren knows how to deal with problems. So, when a physician at Fort Drum said, "I think it's cancer," Lindgren said, "I'm going to Upstate. I want the doctors who do cancer all day, every day." Read more...

Janet Bacon, breast cancer survivor

Breast cancer survivor preaches screenings

Janet Bacon’s breast cancer is rare in one way, but typical in another: It shows the importance of early detection. Read more...