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Our Voice Cancer Support Group

Our Voice Cancer Support Group

Our Voice Cancer Support Group
Third Thursday of each month
6:00 pm
DME Reiki and Wellness Center
410 NE Canal Street
Canastota, NY
RSVP to the Oneida Office: 315 361-1041
Please leave a message if the office is closed.

All survivors, caregivers and friends are welcome, regardless of diagnosis, stage or where you had your care. Do you have questions about current cancer diagnosis and treatment options and resources?

Join us for support, to connect with others, to learn and to have fun.


OUR VOICE SUPPORT GROUP Every Third Thursday of the Month Calendar:

6:00 PM DME Reiki and Wellness Center Canastota NY


September 19, 2019

General Support Group Business Meeting and Topic:

Using Our Support Group as a Resource


October 17, 2019

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Guest Speaker TBA

Celebration for Survivors


November 21, 2019

Self Care and Maintaning the Status Quo As I am Dealing With Cancer


December 19, 2019

Getting Through the Holidays and Enjoying Family: Do's and Don'ts 

Holiday Cookie Exchange


For more information:

  • Call: 315 464-HOPE ( 315 464-4673 )

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