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At cancer survivors day

Community Outreach

In addition to state-of-the art technology and advanced treatments, the Upstate Cancer Center is also committed to serving the larger community through education and outreach. The Cancer Center serves as a resource, providing opportunities for partnerships, cancer awareness events, cancer prevention strategies, and cancer educational offerings and screenings.

Cancer Awareness Events

Each year Upstate hosts cancer awareness events, inviting the community to learn more about early detection, prevention, and treatments.  Events include:

  • World Cancer Day
  • National Cancer Survivor's Day:  Since 1996, Upstate Oncology services has sponsored National Cancer Survivor's Day for the Syracuse community and the surrounding region. This day is commemorated nationwide on the first Sunday in June as a Celebration of Life for cancer survivors and their families. This celebration is an opportunity for Upstate to give back to the community with a unique and festive atmosphere that is not the norm for those undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Health-Links and Oasis Programs:  The Upstate Cancer Center staff regularly presents at our off-site community learning center in East Syracuse on various cancer topics as well as on tobacco cessation strategies.

Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The Upstate Cancer Center continues to have ongoing collaboration on community events, and an excellent long standing partnership with the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

American Cancer Society

The Upstate Cancer Center continues to have ongoing collaboration on community events, and a long standing partnership with the American Cancer Society.

She Matters

She Matters® is a community outreach program that educates women on the importance of breast cancer screenings. She Matters® is made up of Community Health Workers (CHWs) that go into the community they live in and encourage/help women to schedule a mammogram. The CHWs provide support by going to appointments and staying in the waiting room until the mammogram is completed. CHWs also make annual phone calls to remind patients of their upcoming appointment.

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We Matter

We Matter is a community outreach program that educates men and women on the importance of colo-rectal cancer screenings.  We Matter is made up of Resident Health Advocates (RHAs) who encourage and help men and women in their own communities to get screened for colorectal cancer.  The RHAs provide education and support by reminding patients of their upcoming appointment and informing them on what to expect.

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beneath the surFACE

A cancer prevention, awareness and education outreach program focusing on HPV related cancers, especially head and neck cancer. The lesson plan for middle school (9 to 13 years old) and high school (14 to 18 years old) students focuses on the importance of avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol use and receiving the HPV vaccine to reduce the risk of head and neck cancer and other HPV related cancers. The lesson plan for college students focuses on HPV prevention and the importance of receiving the HPV vaccine to reduce HPV related cancers. 

More on beneath the surFACE

Lung Cancer Screening Program

This if the first program of the Upstate Cancer Center and the first in the area to offer people who are at high-risk for lung cancer, the chance for early detection.

Onondaga County Cancer Program

Upstate provides services equivalent to some of the major cancer centers in the country.  As an American College of Surgeons accredited cancer program, our outstanding reputation and mission for patient care, education, and research is anchored by our community outreach activities.  Our consistent presence and sponsorships at community health events demonstrates our commitment and strengthens our ties to our larger community.