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College of Medicine Class Officers

2023 - 2024

Class of 2027 (MS I)

President: Christopher Bushnell
Vice President: Michelle Robbins
Secretary: Udayvir Birdi
Treasurer: Himani Akula
Curriculum Committee Rep: Colleen Magowan
Technology Committee Rep: Swathi Jacob
Multicultural Rep: Vacant
Binghamton Rep: Michael Connolly

Class of 2026 (MS II)

President: Katherine Narvaez Mena
Vice President: Jonathan Bearden
Secretary: Cesar Ponce
Treasurer: Tasiyah Essop
Curriculum Committee Rep: Laura Adams
Technology Committee Rep: John Babich
Multicultural Rep: Nia Brown
Binghamton Rep: Maushmi Chitale

Class of 2025 (MS III)

Binghamton Campus:
President: Jewel Estrella
Vice President: Michael Lin
Secretary: Paola Robles
Treasurer: Karen Awayda
Curriculum Committee Rep: Zachary Davis


Syracuse Campus:
President: Nathan Ihemeremadu
Vice President: Vanessa Chicas
Secretary: Katie Farkouh
Treasurer: Nathan Wise
Curriculum Committee Rep: Mikayla Delbridge-Perry

Representing Both Campuses:
Technology Committee Rep: Noelle Ortiz
Multicultural Rep: Megan Marte

Class of 2024 (MS IV)

Binghamton Campus:
President: Adam Hatala
Vice President: Joe Settineri
Secretary: Maya Haykal
Treasurer: Areeb Khan
Curriculum Committee Rep: Kelly Reese

Syracuse Campus:
President: Gavrielle Rood
Vice President: Matt Trotta
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Priyal Chadha
Curriculum Committee Rep: Madhav Bhatt

Representing Both Campuses:
Technology Committee Rep: Vacant
Multicultural Rep: Vacant


The process for electing class officers is defined by the Upstate Student Government (USG) and implemented at the college level.