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Rules and Regulations

League Coordinators

The Intramural League Coordinators will work closely with the Office of Campus Activities to set the league schedule and to administer the leagues according to the rules established by the Sports Committee of the Campus Activities Governing Board (CAGB).

IM Sports Online

SUNY Upstate utilizes the IMLeagues website to coordinate and facilitate the intramural sport leagues. The website allows a more streamlined approach to signing up and participating in the various leagues offered. Upstate students and CAB members will be able to create personal and team profiles, invite friends to join their team, draft free agents and have access to up-to-the-minute scores and standings. For more information on upcoming leagues or to sign up for a team, visit the IM Sports Page. An android and iOS app is also available in the app store.

If you have any problems with the website, contact the Office of Campus Activities.


All intramural sports programs at SUNY Upstate Medical University are open to Upstate students and activity fee paid members of the CAB only! No guests will be permitted to participate in any leagues. Dependents desiring to play in the leagues must be an included member on a CAB family membership. No individual will be allowed to play on more than one team in any league. Therefore, the entire basketball program is considered one league. All intramural sports participants must sign a waiver of liability form prior to participating in any league.

Reporting Results

A representative from the winning team is responsible for reporting game results on the IMLeagues website immediately after the contest. Forfeits must be reported in the same manner.

Captain's Meetings

Captain's Meetings are important to the administration of each league. Each league will have an initial Captain's Meeting scheduled by the respective league coordinator. All captains will be notified of the time and location of the meeting. Written league rules will be handed at the Captain's Meeting. Additional meetings may be called during the course of the year, as deemed necessary by the Office of Campus Activities or the league coordinator.

Playoffs and Awards

Each sport will conclude the season with playoffs to determine a league champion. The manner in which the playoffs will be conducted will be determined by the league coordinator and the Office of Campus Activities. In order to qualify for the playoffs, the team must finish in the top half of its league. For any individual player to take place in the playoffs, he/she must have played one half of the regularly scheduled games. Each championship team will be awarded T-shirts. Captains of championship teams must submit a list of players to receive awards. T-Shirt sizes must accompany each.

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