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Reserving Rooms in the CAB

The Office of Campus Activities is responsible for scheduling facilities in the Campus Activities Building and for regulating events by all student groups.

For information or assistance, please stop by the office,
call us at:
315 464-5618

[email protected]

Ryan Green
Director of Campus Activities
[email protected]

Kristina McLaughlin
Assistant Director of Campus Activities
[email protected]

Della Laveck
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Suite 202
Campus Activities Building

Office Hours:
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Phone: 315 464-5618

There is a very heavy demand placed on these facilities by the entire campus community so we suggest that you are timely in your event planning. In order that we may be most helpful when you are planning an event, please review the following information and contact the Office of Campus Activities for assistance.

Reservations are made through the Campus Scheduling Software 25Live