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Room Guidelines and Procedures

Who Can Reserve Space?

Reservations may only be made by University recognized groups, organizations, faculty and staff. Facilities may not be reserved as class rooms or by individuals for personal use.  The following procedures are for University faculty and staff.  All student organizations should email campact@upstate.edu for event approval and facility reservations.

Room Reservation Procedure

1. Reservations are granted on a FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED basis. Room reservations must be received a minimum of 5 days prior to your event. Space is limited so be prepared to provide for room and date alternatives. Requests may be made one year in advance.

2. Room reservations may be requested by stopping by the Campus Activities Office or by faxing the room reservation form to ext. 4-8858. Please do not consider your reservation confirmed until you have received a written confirmation. This may take 2-3 working days, so please plan ahead.

3. All requests for room set-ups must be made known at the time of the reservation request. However, it is the specific responsibility of the sponsor of the event to contact Environmental Services at ext. 4-4230 and send the necessary work order for the set-up you are requesting. The Office of Campus Activities takes no responsibility for room set-up.

4. As is the case with room set-ups, any organization requiring food services must contact the Catering Office (ext. 4-4203). Please tell the reservationist or note on your form that you will be requesting catering services. If you are having food service for your event, please make sure that all food items are disposed of before leaving the room.

5. Any organization requiring special or additional equipment must notify the reservationist or note it on their form at the time that the reservation request is made. This includes Audio/Visual equipment.

6. The sponsoring organization of an event is responsible for any damage repair or clean-up costs incurred to the facilities reserved.

7. If alcohol is to be served, the necessary Alcohol Review Board Form must be filed and approved before your reservation request can be confirmed. The approved ARB form must accompany your room reservation request.

8. If you wish to schedule an event to run later than the normal operating hours of the Campus Activities Building, please meet with the Director of Campus Activities (Suite 202, CAB) for approval. Additional charges may be necessary.

9. Your room reservation will be considered confirmed when you receive a printed confirmation from the Campus Activities Office.

The CAB:Room Reservations

For information or
assistance, please stop
by the office,
call us at:
315 464-5618


Ryan Green
Interim Director, Campus Activities

Della LaVeck
Administrative Assistant

Suite 202, Upper Basement
Campus Activities Building

Office Hours:
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Phone: 315 464-5618
Fax: 315 464-8858