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Adult and Pediatric Burn Guideline Manuals

Adult Specific Guidelines

Resident Burn Manual 2021


Trauma Activation Criteria


Checklist for Burn Admissions


 Expectations of the Resident of Burn Service


Pre-Operative, Operative, Post-Op Procedures for Graft Loss Prevention


Triage, Treatment, and Transfer of the Burn Patient


Hypothermia in Burn Patients Adult ED

Hypothermia Algorithm


Patient Appropriate for Admission


Airway Management for Adults in the Emergency Department


Fluid Resuscitation for Adult and Pediatric Burn Patients in the Emergency Department


Infection Control for Burn Patients-refer to policy  


Care of the Amish Patient with a Burn Injury


Burn Dressing Application Recommendations


Management and Prevention of Delirium


Palliative Care


Consult Services for Adult Burn Admissions 


SICU/Burn Provider Responsibilities 


PTSD Screen


Nutrition Protocol for Adults with a Burn Injury


Physical,Occupational, SLP


Intra-Abdominal Compartment Syndrome


Pediatric Specific Guidelines

Hypothermia in Burn Patients Pediatric Emergency Department

Hypothermia Algorithm


Airway Management for Pediatric Patients


Pain Management for Pediatric Patients with a Burn Injury


Appropriate for Admission


CCM Teamwork with Burn Team


Consults for Pediatric Burn Patients 



NAT Risk Assessment Checklist


Pediatric Burn Nutrition Protocol


DVT-VTE Scoring for Pediatric Patients


Cyanide Management Guideline

Cyanide Management Guideline


Other Manuals

Trauma Guideline Manual

Pediatric Trauma Guideline Manual