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Annual Dearing Writing Award Competition

Dearing Writing Award

This award celebrates the connections between the healing sciences and creative arts. Established in 1985, the Dearing Writing Award is presented annually for the best essay, short story, or poem in two categories: student and faculty/employee. All submissions to the contest also receive consideration for publication in CBH's journal, The Healing Muse.

  • For further details and submission guidelines, click here.
  • For excerpts from past Dearing winners, click here.

Winners Through the Years


Student (Poetry): Isaiah Buchanan, MD 2021; Natela Dushukyan, CGS 2018

Student (Essay/Prose):  Melanie Hundt, MD 2018 

Faculty/Employee (Poetry): DeAnna Gilson, IMT 

Faculty/Employee (Essay/Prose): Deborah Cloonan, Hematology/Oncology


Student (Poetry): Ben Casola; Jordana Gilman

Faculty/Employee (Poetry): Joan Cofrancesco; Pam Freeman

Faculty/Employee (Essay/Prose): Jim McKeever


Student (Poetry): Jordana Gilman; Kaitlin Kyi

Student (Essay/Prose): Brielle Stanton; Annette Liem

Faculty/Employee (Poetry): Ann S. Botash; Pam Freeman; James Dwyer

Faculty/Employee (Essay/Prose): Peter Cronkright; Emily Weston, RN


Student (Poetry): Kaitlin Kyi; Jordana Gilman; Brielle Stanton

Student (Essay/Prose): Kayla Jagoda; Travis Quinn; Alisa Anderson,

Faculty/Employee (Poetry): Pam Freeman; Joan Confrancesco

Faculty/Employee (Essay/Prose): James Knoll IV, MD; Katherine Robinson