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Muse 12: Cover Artist

             Acceptance, Marguerite McDonald  

                       cover 12

Artist Statement

"This pictorial journal began shortly after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My first experience in the coffin-like MRI machine was of being squeezed in with my arms tightly crossed over my chest and a panic button being placed in my right hand. The crashing, multi-toned hammering sounds became more and more suffocating, deafening and frightening. I searched for a different space for my mind to escape. I then started to imagine how to use this experience in my art.

After returning home from the hospital, I could stand long enough to start painting again. As it turned out, however, those were the last paintings on canvas I could manage. From then on I painted on paper while sitting down.

It became necessary to distance myself from what was showing on the MRI films in order to create a work of art. I needed to find a different kind of beauty, mystery and intensity with paint other than what was showing on the films.

As the years have gone by, I have had many weeks without strength to paint. But no matter how many hospital stays, set backs, exacerbations—with all their subtractions—I always fought my way back to the paint—a necessity for me.

My work done in quiet solitude is now being validated by others—a “feel good” moment. I hope that other with MS or other affliction, be it spiritual, emotional or physical will find some kind of sisterhood or brotherhood with my work and me." (Marguerite McDonald, 2012)


                                                -Self-Portrait    Self-Portrait.jpgTrying-to-Walk-200.jpg -Trying to Walk


                                                                      -Snow on the Brain