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Yolanda Tooley Gallery

Artist's Bio

Yolanda Tooley is a professional photographer who works out of her studio in Cicero, NY. Her overriding passion for her art has not waned since first encountering photography's unique ability to express the complexity of both our techinical and spiritual universe. She has exhibited her work extensively, including Syracuse's Everson Museum, Chicago's Womanmade Gallery, Rochester's Memorial Art Gallery, and Washingtons DC's Sumner Art Museum.

2013 - We mourn the passing of Yolanda, a wonderful photographer and friend of The Muse. Yolanda's extraordinary vision was justly celebrated by her many awards and shows. Yolanda said, "like a musical score, listen to my photographs, they will sing for you."

Dancing Lady Orchid

Dancing Lady Orchid

Morning in Mykonos

Morning in Mykonos (Vol. 4)

Spring Ice 2

Spring Ice 2 (Vol. 10)


Spring (Vol. 4)

Still Life in Time

Still Life in Time (Vol. 4) 

Oneida Lake, Planet Earth

Oneida Lake, Planet Earth (Vol. 4)

Spring Ice

Spring Ice (Vol. 10)

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