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Zofia Nowicki Gallery

Artist's Bio

Zofia Nowicki is an artist and radiologist in Scottsdale, AZ. She grew up in an artistic and medical family and has studied art in Florida and Italy. While in medical school, Zofia completed a series about the patient and doctor relationship. She works primarily in oils on canvas, with portraits being her favorite subject. Having recently moved to Arizona, Zofia is currently exploring the western landscape. www.artzofia.com

A View of Phoenix

A View of Phoenix (Vol. 10)

Mother with Newborn

Mother with Newborn (Vol. 11)

CT 1

CT 1 (Vol. 11)

CT 3

CT 3 (Vol. 11)

Chest Exam

Chest Exam (Vol. 11)

Thoracic MRI

Thoracic MRI (Vol. 11)

CT 2

CT 2 (Vol. 11)

CT 4

CT 4 (Vol. 11)

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