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Pamela Ferris-Olson Gallery

Artist's Bio

Ohio-based Pamela Ferris-Olson is a freelance writer, poet and photographer. She grew up in New York, and attributes her fascination with light to living in a clime where winter alternately leaves her yearning for sunshine or dazzled by its radiance upon the snow. Her academic studies in natural resources and opportunities to travel worldwide have nurtured her eye for the elemental beauty in all things. Pam feels fortunate to be able to share her work - both photographic and literary - in local and national settings. Her first book Living in the Heartland: Three Extraordinary Women's Stories is now available on Amazon.com. It is a compelling story of real Americanswomen who are heroines not because of remarkable feats but in the graceful way they live in the face of challenges.

pier geometry

Pier Geometry (Vol. 7)

Beach Access

Beach Access (Vol. 4)

preserved under glass

Preserved Under Glass (Vol. 18)


Brooms (Vol. 6)

Seafarer's Gossimer

Seafarer's Gossimer (Vol. 7)


All is Not What it Appears (Vol. 17)

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