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Deirdre Neilen

Deirdre C Neilen, PhDDeirdre Neilen, PhD, is Associate Professor of Bioethics and Humanities and Editor-in-Chief of The Healing Muse, Upstate's journal of literary and visual arts. She received her doctorate in literature from Syracuse University.

Dr. Neilen is a lecturer and small group instructor for medical students and for health professions students. She teaches Patients to Populations: Ethics, Law, and Population Health and medical creative writing workshops for medical students.

Dr. Neilen also chairs the Bruce Dearing Writing Awards Committee. She received the President's Award for Excellence in Affirmative Action (2000) for her service to the Minority Medical Students Academic Achievement Program, and received the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching (1991).

Her research and publishing interests include cultural diversity in health care, attitudes toward and treatment of patients with sickle cell anemia, patient narratives in contemporary literature, and creative writing. Her scholarly and creative writings have appeared in The Examined Life Journal, Blood & Thunder, Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics, World Literature Today, Academic Medicine, American Way, New Letters, and Northeast Magazine.

Dr. Neilen may be reached at 315.464.5404 or at [email protected].

Dr. Neilen's current cv.

Selected Publications

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