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CBHX 2400 Clinical Bioethics

Course Description 

In this longitudinal concurrent case-based course which spans the third year, students meet in small groups with a faculty tutor to discuss ethical issues presented in patient care. Students bring their own cases for discussion, and faculty provide other cases to provide the opportunity to discuss and learn about ethical principles and a method of case analysis for ethical concerns raised in patient care. Advanced communication skills are addressed in this course.

Type of Course: Concurrent, required course for MSIIIs; 1 credit
Course Directors:

Downtown Campus, Syracuse

Thomas Curran, Jr., MD
[email protected]

Clinical Campus, Binghamton

Domenico Prato, MD
[email protected]


Jay Brenner, MD
Amy Caruso Brown, MD, MSc
Thomas Curran, Jr., MD
James Dwyer, PhD
Gregory Eastwood, MD
Sondra Mott, RN, BA, MS

Demetrios Gasparis, MD
Lazarus Gehring, MD
Katherine Holmes, MD
Leann Lesperance, MD, PhD, FAAP
Marita Powell, MD
Domenico Prato, MD

Time: Tuesdays, 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

1. The Patient First: The Clinical Experience and Respecting Patients While Learning From Them

2. Medical Errors and Telling the Truth

3. Cultural, religious, and personal practices

4. Ethical Obligation to the Profession

5. Speaking Up

6. Physicians' Responsibility to Patients at the End of Life

7. Limits of Altruism: Difficult Patients and Professional Conscience

8. Basic Healthcare: Right or Privilege?

9. Discussion of Speaking Up Papers

10. The Impaired Physician

11. The Hidden Curriculum

12. The Good Physician

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