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March 2020

What do hospitals do when supplies run short? Thomas Curran, MD,  of the Center, discussed the issue of supply shortage during a pandemic and how the entire health care system changes during public health crises. Specifically, Curran looked at the dilemma of ventilator allocation, and went through three considerations in the state guidelines for whether a person gets a ventilator.

For an article about the "who lives, who dies?" dilemma discussed in the interview, click here.

NY state has guidelines on how medical staff should decide which patients will get a ventilator during a pandemic.


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February 2019Eastwood

Greg Eastwood, MD, of the Center was interviewed on WRVO's HealthLink on Air to discuss his new book, "Finishing Our Story:  Preparing for the End of Life", which explores end-of-life issues, quality of life, and physician-assisted death. Listen to the segment.

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2019-02-13-fabionjeopardy.jpgFebruary 2019

Center faculty Rachel Fabi, PhD, recently realized a lifelong dream: being a contestent on Jeopardy! Fabi discussed her time on the well-known quiz show during an interview on HealthLink On Air, and shared what it was like to be on the other side of the TV screen. Listen to the segment.

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November 2018

neilenlinkonair.jpgDeirdre Neilen, editor of The Healing Muse, the Center's journal of literary and visual arts, was interviewed on HealthLink on Air and discussed the role of literature in medical education and finding inspiration in and through writing. Neilen also spoke about the journal's history and mission, and a pair of recent publications: volume 18 of The Muse, and Round & Ripe & Wise, a special collection of the poetry of Bonnie St. Andrews, PhD, founding editor of the journal. Listen to the segment.

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October 2018

tomTom Curran of the Center was interviewed on WRVO's HealthLink on Air and discussed the ethics of the home genetic testing industry. Curran shared the troubling findings of his personal research into the subject, including major concerns with the ethics, safety, and privacy of home DNA testing. Listen to the segment .

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July 2018

curran rob wrvo

Center faculty Tom Curran and Rob Olick were interviewed on WRVO's HealthLink on Air and discussed the importance of being careful when choosing your health care proxy. Listen to the segment.

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