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Cofilin Mis-localizes in Strains Lacking Aip1p or Lacking Aip1p from the Cortical Patch

As can be seen below, aip1 deletion strains have aberrant cofilin localization. Cofilin is normally found concentrated in cortical patches and througout the cytosol. However, in the aip1 deletion strain cofilin appears to localize to structures that stain with anti-actin antibodies and morphologically appear to be actin cables. Interestingly the mutant cofilin, cof1-19p, also aberrantly localizes to these cable-like structures. We have also found that Aip1p fails to localize to cortical patches in a cof1-19 strain suggesting that proper cofilin localization (restriction to cortical patches) requires that Aip1p be localized to the cortical patches. Note that guinea pig anti-actin antibodies and rabbit anti-cofilin antibodies were used with a methanol/acetone fixation procedure.

cofilin dependance