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Actin-Aip1 interaction

To see the differential interaction data for each ligand modeled on the structure of actin, point and click on the ligand of interest. Mutations that disrupt each interaction are marked in red.

Identified in a Screen:

Known Actin Binding Proteins:

Act1 - Actin: 1 clone

Pfy1 - Profilin: 2 clones

Cap/Srv2 - Cyclase associated prot.: 3 clones

Rvs167 - Reduced viability on starvation: 1 clone

Previously Identified Proteins:

Glk1 - Glucose kinase I: 2 clones

RPS7 - Ribosomal prot. S7: 1 clone

Oye2 - "Old Yellow Enzyme": 1 clone

Previously Unidentified Proteins:

Aip1 - WD repeats: 1 clone

Aip2 - Flavin Binding?: 2 clones

Aip3 - Bud6: 4 clones

Identified Through Reconstructions

Sac6 - Fimbrin

Cof1 - cofilin

Abp1 - Actin Binding Protein 1