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Data Sets


This file contains lists of Gene Ontology (GO) terms significantly enriched in the sets of genes reported as CHI with actin, along with the corresponding p-values. GO terms were identified by calculating the probability of observing annotation co-occurrence within a list of genes with respect to a background distribution according to the hypergeometric distribution. We used a background of the roughly 5000 non-essential genes corresponding to the strains available in the EUROSCARF haploid deletion collection. Bonferroni correction was used to adjust for multiple hypotheses. Enrichment is reported for three increasingly permissive sets of CHIs, beginning with only dead crosses (scores of "1"), to dead and very slow growing crosses ("1" and "2"), and finally to all defective crosses ("1" "2" and "3").

This file contains predicted ACT1 interaction partners from a Bayesian integration of various data types. Many data sources, including two-hybrid, affinity precipitation, synthetic lethality, microarrays, etc. were integrated using the Bayesian framework described in Myers et al., 05. Only genes with a confidence score higher than the prior of the integration are reported. This corresponds to listing only genes with some positive evidence linking them to ACT1. Additionally, those genes predicted as CHI have their score listed. Roughly 50 of the 200 CHI genes appear in this list of about 750 ACT1 interactors, and they are slightly skewed towards the higher end of our confidences.