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Awards & Recognition

  • Bruce Knutson was awarded a Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer award.
  • Congratulations to Gourav Choudhary who was awarded a Graduate Student Preceptorship from Rheumatology Research Foundation which pays $3000 to student and $1000 to institution.
  • Patty Kane received the SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professorship, the highest SUNY Academic Rank. Dr. Kane was nominated by Subhrajit Banerjee, while both Swetha Devi Velivela and Michael Jaskolka supported the nomination
  • Stewart Loh was awarded a $75K NIH grant to replace a stop-flow flourescence instrument that he bought from his start up when he first came to Upstate. It was the first and most expensive piece of equipment he has ever bought. His lab published many papers at Upstate using data from that old instrument including their very first one in Nature Structural Biology
  • Ashley Canning won second place for her poster at the Biomedical Sciences Retreat on September 15, 2016
  • Congratulations to Yaxin Liu, Graduate Assistant, who was awarded the 2016 John Bernard Henry MD Endowed Scholarship Award for her manuscript entitled "Misfolding of mutant adenine nucleotide translocate in yeast supports a novel mechanism of Ant1-induced muscle diseases". She was also awarded the College of Graduate Studies Graduate Student Association 2016 Professional and Public Service Award. She received the awards at the May 22, 2016 College of Graduate Studies Commencement.
  • Congratulations to MD/PhD student, Rebecca Sager, who won a Young Investigator Award for cancer research.


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  • Subhrajit Banerjee attended the Gordon Research Conference 2017 - Molecular Membrane Biology. Subhra was invited for a talk entitled "Phosphoinositide "zip codes" govern localization and activity of Vacuolar H+ATPases through direct interaction at the Gordon Research SEminar. He presented a poster with the same title.
  • Stuti Sharma presented a poster at the Gordon Research Conference on the mechanisms of membrane transport. The title of her poster was "Vacuolar H+ ATPase assembly from its autoinhibited V1 and Vo sectors". She won the best poster award at the meeting.
  • Michael Jaskolka attended the Bioenergetics Gordon Research Conference from June 4-9, 2017. He presented a poster entitled "Glucose Sensitive Interactions of the Yeast RAVE Complex" and was selected to give a short talk.
  • Nilda Alicea-Velazquez and Ashley Canning both presented posters at a meeting entitled: Epigenetics in Cancer: Translational Medicine Approaches, which was hosted by the NY Academy of Sciences. Both won an Outstanding Presentation prize! Ashley was also one of three students selected to give a "DataBlitz" talk.
  • Steve Hanes gave a talk on the Bin3 Methyltransferase at the 4th International Meeting on La and Related Proteins (LARPs) in Wiltshire, UK on September 15, 2016. He also presented a seminar on the Ess1 Prolyl Isomerase at the Department of Biochemistry, Oxford University, UK on September 19, 2016
  • Sergio Couoh-Cardel presented at the Gordon Research Conference, Synaptic Transmission, held in Waterville Valley, NH, August 14-19, 2016. His poster title was: "The V-ATPase c-ring acts as an ion-conducting pore suggesting a direct involvement in neurotransmitter release". Sergio was also the discussion leader in a session titled: Presynaptic Mechanisms of Neurotransmission
  • Michael Cosgrove gave a seminar at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, for their Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics visiting faculty member seminar series. The talk was on January 8, 2016 and entitled "Molecular Mechanisms for the assembly and regulation of the MLL core complex".

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