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Awards & Recognition

  • Congratulations to Tom Duncan for being recognized by Dr. Chin for “Exceptional Moments
    in Teaching”.
  • Congratulations to Nicole Maurici who won third place for overall best poster ($200 reward) at the
    BioInspired Institute's First Symposium hosted by Syracuse University on October 7, 2022.
  • Congratulations to Xin Jie Chen who was named SUNY Distinguished Professor at the Fall Faculty
    Convocation on September 14, 2022
  • Wenyi Feng was featured in Upstate Online (9/2/22) for her discovery in the Fragile X
    syndrome. https://www.upstate.edu/news/articles/2022/2022-09-01-feng.php
  • Nicholas Brennan from the Chen lab won the best poster award at the 3rd International Conference on Musculoskeletal and Neural Interaction that was held on August 24-26 at Emory University in Georgia
  • HJ Sekhon secured an NIH F30 predoctoral MD/PhD fellowship entitled “Molecular Devices for the Detection of Treatment of HCMV Infection”, on his first try. $51,752 directs/year for 5 years. Gary Chan is his co-Sponsor
  • Congratulations to Wenyi Feng who was awarded a two-year NIH R21 for her project “Understanding the Genome Maintenance Function of the Fragile X Protein (FMRP). First year directs are $150,000, $448,250 total cost
  • Congratulations to Nicole Maurici who was awarded a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Individual Predoctoral Fellowship to Promote Diversity in Health-Related July-August 2022 Research (Parent F31-Diversity), $43,571/year for 4 years
  • Xiang Li won a Young Investigator Travel Award from International Experimental Biology and Medicine conference and was selected for an oral presentation. The meeting was held in Memphis on April 29th- May 1st
  • Baylee Porter won the Second Place Young Investigator Poster Award at the International Experimental Biology and Medicine conference.
  • Congratulations to Jessica Ridilla who received a President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching!
  • Congratulations to Jessica Henty Ridilla who was selected by the graduate student body as the recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Teacher Award!
  • Congratulations to Kassidy Zimmer who was selected by the graduate student body as the recipient of the Professional and Public Service Award!
  • Congratulations to Morgan Pimm who was selected by the graduate student body as the recipient of the Max Mozell Unsung Hero Award!
  • Alaji Bah is highlighted in the February 25, 2022 Pew Scholars’ article “What It Means to Be Black in Science: Pew Scholars’ Experiences
    A celebration of leading biomedical scientists of color:
  • A recent publication on genome instability in FXS by Chakroborty et al. from the Feng lab was part of Crouse OB/GYN Grand Rounds presented by Dr. Lebel on February 11, 2022. Dr Lebel selected 20 publications from the three universities in Syracuse and gave each a short synopsis. It serves as a nice entryway for students/faculty who are broadly interested in genetics to a variety of subjects.
  • Xin Jie Chen has been chosen as a SUNY Distinguished Professor. His appointment starts soon, and he will be recognized at Convocation in the fall. Congratulations!


  • Ashley J. Canning, Susan Viggiano, Martin E. Fernandez‑Zapico & Michael S. Cosgrove. (2022)  Parallel functional annotation of cancer‑associated missense mutations in histone methyltransferases.  Scientific Reports 12:18487
  • Ryan J. Palumbo, Nathan McKean, Erinn Leatherman, Kevin E.W. Namitz, Laurie Connell, Aaron Wolfe, Kelsey Moody, Cene Gostincar, Nina Gunde-Cimerman, Alaji Bah, and Steven D. Hanes. (September 7, 2022) Coevolution of the Ess1-CTD axis in polar fungi suggests a role for phase
    separation in cold tolerance. Science Advances Vol. 8, No. 36
  • Senter NC, McCulley A, Kuznetsov VA, Feng W. Genes (Basel). 2022 Jul 11;13(7)  Identification of recurrent chromosome breaks underlying structural rearrangements in mammary cancer cell lines.
  • Ryan J. Palumbo, Alana E. Belkevich, Haleigh G. Pascual, Bruce A. Knutson (02 June 2022) A clicially-relevant residue of POLR1D is required for Drosophila development, American Association for Anatomy
  • Xinbei Liu, Jessica L. Henty-Ridilla (2022) Multiple roles for the cytoskeleton in ALS. Experimental Neurology, 114143.
  • Morgan L Pimm, Xinbei Liu, Farzana Tuli, Jennifer Heritz, Ashley Lojko, Jessica L Henty-Ridilla
    (2022) Visualizing molecules of functional human profilin. eLife, 11:e76485.
  • Xinbei Liu, Morgan L. Pimm, Brian Haarer, Andrew T. Brawner, and Jessica L. Henty-Ridilla. “Biochemical characterization of actin assembly mechanisms with ALS-associated profilin variants” European Journal of Cell Biology (2022): Volume 101, Issue 2, April 2022, 151212
  • John, A.M., Sekhon, H., Ha, J.-H., Loh, S.N. (2022). Engineering a fluorescent protein color switch using entropy-driven beta strand exchange. ACS Sens. 7, 263.
  • Zhao, J., Liu, X., Blayney, A., Zhang, Y., Gandy, Lo. Mirsky, P.O., Smith, N., Zhang, F., Linhardt, R.J., Chen, J., Baines, C., Loh, S.N., Wang, C. (2022). Intrinsically Disordered N-terminal Domain (NTD) of p53 Interacts with Mitochondrial PTP Regulator Cyclophilin D. J. Mol. Biol. 434, 167552.
  • Pedicone, C., Fernandes, S., Matera, A., Meyer,
    S.T., Loh, S.N., Ha, J.-H., Bernard, D., Chisholm, J.D., Paolicelli, R.C., Kerr, W.G. (2022). Discovery of a novel SHIP1 agonist that promotes degradation of lipid-laded phagocytic cargo by microglia. iScience, in press.
  • Ha, J.-H., Prela, O., Carpizo, D.R.*, Loh, S.N.* (2022). p53 and zinc: a malleable relationship. Front. Mol. Biosci. 9, 895887. *Corresponding authors.
  • Sekhon, H., Loh, S.N. (2022). Engineering protein activity into off-the-shelf DNA devices. Cell Reports Meth., in press
  • Joshi I, Peng J, Alvino G, Kwan E, Feng W. Exceptional origin activation revealed by comparative analysis in two laboratory yeast strains. PLoS One. 2022;17(2):e0263569. eCollection 2022. PubMed PMID: 35157703; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC8843211.
  • Bachant J, Hoffman EA, Caridi C, Nugent CI, Feng W. The yeast Dbf4 Zn2+ finger domain suppresses single-stranded DNA at replication forks initiated from a subset of origins. Curr Genet. 2022 Feb 11;. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 35147742.
  • Gasparayan H, Caridi C, Julius J, Feng W, Bachant J, Nugent CI. Yeast Stn1 promotes MCM to circumvent Rad53 control of the S phase checkpoint. Curr Genet. 2022 Feb 12;. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 35150303.


  • Connie Mitra, Farzana Tuli, and Patty Kane attended the ASBMB meeting in Philadelphia from April 2-5, 2022. Connie and Farzana presented posters and Connie gave a talk at their Spotlight session. Connie also received the ASBMB Graduate student/ Postdoctoral researcher Travel award
  • Four of Bruce Knutson’s students attended and presented posters at the EB ASBMB meeting in Philly in April.
  • Wenyi Feng gave a seminar to the Department of Biological Sciences at SUNY Oswego on February 25th as part of the visiting scholar series sponsored by College of Graduate Studies

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