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Real-Time PCR Machine


Core:  Real-Time PCR Machine
Core Director:  Ryan Palumbo, PhD
Phone:  315-464-8736
Location:  4319 Weiskotten Hall Addition
Email:  [email protected]

Brief Description of Core:

The Vice President for Research has helped to support, and the Department of Biochemistry is housing a new Real-Time PCR machine that is available for use to people throughout the Upstate Research Community.  Users must receive training prior to use, and sign up for training via email to [email protected].  Some details about the instrument capabilities are below.

The CFX384 Touch System is a 384-well RT-PCR instrument capable of singleplex and multiplex detection of nucleic acid targets. Reaction temperatures can be varied from well-to-well to allow for multiple experiments with different thermal parameters to be run on a single reaction plate. Reactions can be programmed and monitored using either the built-in touchscreen, or using CFX Maestro Software on a connected computer. CFX Maestro software can also be installed on any users PC or Mac, for use in data analysis and processing.


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