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Autism Study

Help us learn how to better diagnose autism spectrum disorder at an earlier age. Children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years, who have an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, developmental delays, or are currently receiving speech therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy services are eligible to participate. Complete this form to learn more information or to sign up.

About the Study

The "Validation of a Salivary miRNA Diagnostic Test for Autism Spectrum Disorder" is funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH). The doctors at SUNY Upstate are trying to measure small particles in the saliva of children called microRNA.

MicroRNAs may affect the way your child’s brain works. By finding microRNA particles with higher levels in autistic children, we may be able to diagnose autism at an earlier age and provide earlier and more efficient services.

Can my child be in this study?

Children ages 2-6 can participate. Any child with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or a developmental delay with a suspected diagnosis of autism will likely meet the criteria to participate.

What is involved in the study?

A doctor will ask you and your child some questions about how your child thinks and acts. A doctor will also watch your child perform some simple games and tasks that are routinely used to diagnosis autism. Finally, a small amount of saliva will be collected from your child’s mouth in order to measure microRNAs.

Will this study help my child?

This study will not change how your child acts, thinks, or behaves. It will not tell us why your child has autism. But, the results of this study may help us understand some causes of autism and help us improve our diagnoses and services to children with autism in the future. You may also benefit from the information that is provided to you following the analysis of your child’s behavior.

What does it cost to be in this study?

There are no costs to you or your child for any of the tests involved in this study. In fact, you and your child will be reimbursed a small amount ($25) for your participation.