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Student practicing Anesthesiology techniques in the Simulation Center


The SUNY Upstate Department of Anesthesia has been an active participant of the Upstate Simulation Center since its opening in 2019. This facility is located in the medical school building and provides high-fidelity simulation, task training, and patient encounters for the medical school as well as residency programs. The Department of Anesthesia has worked with the Upstate Simulation Center to design a fully operational operating room which will be launching an anesthesia-specific manikin in July 2021.

In our transition from our previous simulation environment, we have taken the opportunity to create all new simulations which are reviewed by the Simulation Center's staff prior to resident participation. We are continually adding to the curriculum to encompass many of the rare events that occur in the practice of anesthesia which a resident may not see in training, such as Malignant Hyperthermia or venous air embolism. Our goal is to provide opportunities to see and treat rare diseases in a high-fidelity environment with a focus on teaching while maintaining a psychologically safe environment for our residents.

In addition to our simulation sessions, we have realistic models for task training from simple tasks (IV placement and intubation) to more complex tasks (bronchoscopy simulator and TEE simulator). The Department of Anesthesia is developing a longitudinal curriculum to provide instruction with these manikins to help produce the highest quality practitioners.

Visit the Upstate Simulation Center for additional information about the center and their many offerings.

Meet Our Team


Robert Kale, MD, D.ABA

Robert Kale, MD
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology