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Trauma Anesthesia

About Our Services

The SUNY Upstate Anesthesia Department functions by delivering 24-hour coverage for trauma and acute care surgery which is provided by our anesthesia residents and attendings. Additionally, we have representation on the Trauma Systems and Trauma Quality Improvement Committees and continually review and improve our services and care.

In our most recent data (2019), there were 2,391 trauma admissions which included 527 Level 1 activations and 566 Level 2 Activations. Most of these admissions were a result of falls, motor vehicle accidents, assaults, stabbings, and motorcycle accidents. Although not all trauma admissions require surgical care, the Department of Anesthesia is involved in various patient care capacities including our work in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, acute pain consults, and airway evaluation and intubation.

SUNY Upstate Trauma Center

SUNY Upstate University Hospital is an American College of Surgery certified Adult and Pediatric Level I trauma center that serves the city of Syracuse and a large portion of Central New York. Our hospital network covers 1.7 million people and 28 referral hospitals. For more information concerning Upstate Trauma Center and its educational offerings, please review their website

Upstate is the only ACS certified Level I Trauma Center in the region, serving 1.7 million people and 28 referral hospitals.

Meet Our Team

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