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Child with respirator

Quality & Safety

The Department of anesthesiology strives to provide the safest and highest quality of care to all patients at SUNY Upstate Medical University. The quality and safety program (QSP) led by Fenghua Li, MD, Vice Chair for Quality Assurance, is composed of safety education, Morbidity and Mortality conference, adverse event analysis, case review, and quality improvement. Faculty, fellows, residents, nurse anesthetists all embrace a culture of safety and participate in QSP activities.

The QSP team consists of four quality officers who are committed to ensuring the best and safest care is delivered to all patients.

Examples of on-going quality improvement (QI) projects are:

  1. Prevention of intraoperative hypotension to improve patient outcome
  2. Outside of Operating Room airway management improvement project
  3. Perioperative multimodal analgesia to reduce opioids use and improve patient outcome; et al

Available Anesthesia Safety and Quality Resources:

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