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Residency Program

Corey Austin Residency Program Coordinator, Clerkship Coordinator
Department of Anesthesiology
750 E. Adams St
Syracuse, NY 13210
Phone: 315 464-4889
Email: [email protected]

About SUNY Upstate's Anesthesiology Residency

Each year, we seek to fill 11 categorical positions with aspiring anesthesiologists who embody our institutional values.

We strive to give residents a standardized and comprehensive education in the field of anesthesia, while also allowing each resident to pursue their individual interests.
In order to accommodate this, we offer a variety of electives, both within our institution and at institutions and facilities we have affiliations with, such as:

For greater detail on what we look for in candidates and an overview of our residency program, please see our residency guide.

Residency Verification

Per our institutional policy, please contact our GME office for all residency verification requests: [email protected].

Virtual Tour

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