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About the Advocates for Upstate

Advocates for Upstate is a 501 (c)(3) membership corporation comprised of volunteers whose mission is to support Upstate Medical University.* It does this through fundraising and service.

Commissions and rents from our vendor partners- Telehealth (patient TVs), Lori's Gift Shop, Perk Up Cafe and American Food & Vending- are used to award grants and scholarships and to fund projects that help Upstate's hospitals and outpatient units care for patients. These funds also help Upstate staff and volunteers pursue undergraduate degrees to advance their careers in the health professions,

Please consider joining us.

*- Upstate Medical University is a State University of New York campus comprised of Upstate University Hospital, Upstate Community Hospital, satellite campuses and the colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Health Professions and Graduate Studies.