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RN students work with SimMan to develop skills
Nurses Michael Ortiz, left, and Taryn Bitzer practice their skills on a high-tech dummy, which can imitate the medical problems and reactions of a real patient. Both are studying to be nurse practitioners at the Upstate College of Nursing. (photo by Robert Mescavage)

Simulation Center offers realistic medical training, no risk to ‘patients’

October 11, 2019

An $11 million teaching center opened at Upstate Medical University recently that allows for the simulation of real-time responses to medical emergencies and procedures. The new Sim Center is meant to improve patient safety and patient care, explain Darren Carboni, the director of interprofessional education and university simulation, and Erik Rufa, MD, the director of education in the Sim Center. Read more/listen...

Upstate opens new state-of-the-art simulation center to enhance patient safety and improve quality

Upstate Medical University has opened a new $11 million teaching that will simulate real-time responses to medical emergencies—in the ICU, and delivery, the operating room and in any setting where health care is delivered.

The aim of the Upstate Simulation Center is to improve patient safety and patient care, as well as build highly-trained multidisciplinary healthcare teams.

This new and sophisticated learning environment, totaling about 8,600 square feet will become a hub of teaching and training for students from all areas of the health professions. The center will also be dedicated to improving the competency of health care providers as well as training them in new techniques. Read more...