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We believe that experiential learning supports success in the modern healthcare system. Providing a rigorous educational framework supported by outstanding customer service will advance the transformational skills necessary to support patients and their families. Excellence in our operations will further support excellence in learning and patient care outcomes. 

Opening in late 2019, the Center is a modern facility designed for teaching. The Center consists of:

  • A general open staging area to greet and host learners (“Learner Landing”)

  • A simulated Operating room

  • Six generously sized simulated acute care rooms with headwalls which can be “flexed” for additional configurations such as Intensive Care Units or Outpatient rooms

  • Two large skills and task training rooms can be de-partitioned to accommodate large sessions

  • A haptics training room

  • Four small debrief rooms that can be de-partitioned to accommodate larger debriefing sessions

  • Dedicated administrative offices and workspaces to support the center

  • The required storage area for all equipment and supplies. 

Additionally, there are four control rooms so that multiple rooms can be used at once or in sequence with live streaming capabilities.