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We believe that experiential learning supports success in the modern healthcare system. Providing a rigorous educational framework supported by outstanding customer service will advance the transformational skills necessary to support patients and their families. Excellence in our operations will further support excellence in learning and patient care outcomes. 

We deliver great customer service by…

  • Consistently delivering high quality experiences
  • Partnering with our users to ensure successful outcomes
  • Utilizing feedback and data to improve our services

We foster safety by…

  • Recognizing that trust is the foundation for a psychologically safe environment
  • Creating a space where mistakes are recognized as opportunities for improvement
  • Establishing policies and procedures for the physical and psychological safety of our learners

We improve quality by… 

  • Maintaining a growth mindset through reflective practice
  • Using evidence-based methodology to measure performance and assess outcomes against benchmarked standards
  • Continually critiquing and reimagining our processes

We demonstrate the value of teamwork by…

  • Embracing the belief that every individual should be respected for what they can contribute
  • Empowering different professions to learn from, with, and about each other
  • Modeling a culture of collaboration