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Student Learning Outcomes Committee (SLOC)

The Student Learning Outcomes Committee (SLOC) works to enhance Upstate's systems of learner assessment and program evaluation. SLOC partners with academic degree programs to support the maintenance and enhancement of student learning outcomes portfolios and assessment plans. SLOC also supports program accreditation efforts that relate to these two areas. SLOC members include representatives from all four colleges and other key administrative personnel. Educators seeking support and/or guidance in learner assessment or program evaluation can contact their college's representative listed below.

Committee Charge:

  1. To create and maintain a portfolio of the programs of assessment of student learning and evaluation of educational programs at both the college and institutional level
  2. To foster best practices and quality improvement in assessment of student learning, evaluation of educational programs, and use of these outcomes in program planning across colleges
  3. To facilitate program compliance with accreditation standards regarding the assessment of student learning and use of outcomes for institutional effectiveness from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Related Links:

SLOC maintains a Blackboard site that includes Annual Reports and Assessment Plans as well as program portfolios and resources. It is course ‘CUR 101: Assessment Research and Resources.’ All faculty have access. If you have an issue accessing the site, please contact Josie Suser.