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Institutional Planning and Assessment

The Institutional Planning, Assessment and Renewal Process integrates all elements of the university mission through an integrated university-wide plan illustrated below.

This process is organized and led by the president, and executed through her University Executive Committee (UEC) and Extended University Executive Committee (U-UEC) (www.upstate.edu/about/leadership.php). The University Executive Committee (UEC) serves as the cabinet to the president and provides a high-level cross-functional view of every aspect of the institution. It provides direction related to the mission, vision, strategic plan and presidential initiatives. It makes operational decisions, sets policy and guides capital allocations. All missions are represented on the University Executive Committee (UEC) by their respective vice presidents. The Extended University Executive Committee (U-UEC) represents the scope of the entire university, with special focus on Upstate's academic mission. The group is charged with the practical implementation of Upstate's strategic plan. It meets biweekly to provide updates, discuss resources and examine challenges. Members of the Extended University Executive Committee (U-UEC) serve as the main communicators and leaders of university business, goals and objectives to internal departments.

Upstate's strategic plan, the process leading to it, annual report cards and key performance indicators can be found at the following link: