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How To Refer A Patient

Throughout the Upstate Health System, our patients are our priority. As such, we strive to provide prompt communication and collaboration with our patients’ physicians. To refer a patient, or for assistance in finding additional services, we have several resources available to you.

Find a Doc

Use Find A Doc, our comprehensive online physician directory to search by name or specialty. You can also search by location, language and gender to find a doctor that is right for your patient.

MD Direct 

MD Direct's toll-free call center is designed to efficiently link your physician practice to our physician representatives who specialize in guiding your calls to ensure timely, accurate contacts within the Upstate Health System. Our physicians in most medical and surgical specialties are available to assist you.

Patient appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday during business hours and consultations with Upstate physicians are available by appointment.

We will need this information to schedule an appointment:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Type of insurance (such as HMO, workers' compensation, medical assistance)
  • Nature of medical issue

We also need to know:

  • Your referring physician National Provider Identifier (NPI) number
  • Services you would like Upstate to provide

Patients with urgent medical or surgical needs are given priority in the appointment system. Appointments for non-urgent medical issues are scheduled several days to several weeks in advance.

Upstate Triage Transfer Center

The The Upstate Triage Transfer Center (UTTC), is a nurse staffed, tele-health call center, coordinating all incoming transfers of patients for a higher level of care, specialty service or procedure. We take incoming calls from physician office groups and urgent care centers that are sending a patient to one of our Emergency Departments or as a direct admit 365/24/7.

Additionally, safe patient transport can be coordinated for airplane, helicopter and ground transportation as needed.

Forms for Referring Physicians