Willie White
Willie White of Receiving, and a U.S. Army veteran, is featured as this month's Upstate Face.
Nicole Vaccari
Nicole Viccari, MD, a radiology resident at SUNY Upstate, served in the U.S. Navy from 2002 to 2008. This photo of Lt. Viccari was taken aboard the USS Seattle in the Persian Gulf.
Lalainia Secreti
Lalainia M. Secreti, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Upstate and Lt. Col. with the 174th Fighter Wing Medical Group was awarded the New York State "Colonel Gouverneur Morris Citizen Soldier Award" last year. The annual award recognizes a member of the New York State Organized Militia for outstanding support to the militia and the local community.

Veterans Day Parade, Syracuse, NY

Upstate Medical University was well represented with marchers in the Nov. 7 Veterans Parade in Syracuse, including employees who are veterans and family members.

The Upstate employees/veterans who marched, and their branch of military service include:

  • Peter Banks, PEF council leader: British Army
  • Stacey Barnett, clinical technician in Adult Medicine: US Navy
  • Joe Dixie, lab manager in Pharmacology: US Navy
  • Elton Garvin, College of Health Professions faculty: US Army
  • Edgar Johnson, Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action: US Army
  • Nancy Markowski, Adult Medicine: US Army
  • Roman Moczara, Adult Emergency Department: US Army reserves
  • Denise Spence, Women's Health/UHCC: US Army
  • Blanche Spence, Joslin Diabetes Center: US Army
  • Willie White, Receiving: US Army
veterans participating in the veterans day parade in Syracuse

Front row: Karen Banks with Syd Banks in stroller; Lillian Moczara, Jordan Moczara and Elijah Mack in stroller.
Standing, left to right, are: Peter Banks; Joe Dixie; Willie White; Ruth Dixie; Thelma Jack; Roman Moczara; Blanche Spence; Edgar Johnson; Stacey Barnett; Denise Spence; Elton Garvin, Nancy Markowski.

More parade photos: Veterans, Reserves, & Guard Recognition Parade gallery.