About the Police Department Division

The University Police Department Headquarters is located in Building 49 at 100 Light Court Syracuse, NY 13210 and is open 24 hours a day, every day, providing around-the-clock protection and service for the campus community.

This division is responsible for the law enforcement duties on campus and campus owned property, along with Upstate Medical University policies.

University Police Officers are vested with full law enforcement powers and have responsibilities and authority similar to local police in any community, including the authority to arrest.

They are trained at a Basic Academy for Police. They receive specialized training in the requirements of law enforcement in the academic community, as well as NYS Penal, Criminal Procedure, and Vehicle and Traffic law, first aid, use of non-deadly force, communication and crime prevention topics.

University Police Officers are responsible for providing services in the enforcement of federal, state and local statutes and Upstate Medical University policies.

The Police Division also utilizes the Public Safety Division to help supplement the duties of patrol and to assist as needed in enforcement activities.

The University Police Communications Center is located in room 1326 of University Hospital and is responsible for dispatching duties 24/7/365.