These videos are provided to help raise student awareness in emergency situations.

Shots Fired on Campus

Anyone can become a victim of workplace violence, but despite common belief, injury and death is not the inevitable outcome. The key to survival is a proper mindset based on awareness and along with tools enabling you to act with purpose to take control. This dynamic video designed to instill the survival mindset and teach you realistic strategies for dealing with an active shooter situation. We want you to be confident and unafraid because you are never defenseless once you develop and maintain the proper survival mindset.

  • Shots Fired on Campus: Guidance for surviving an active shooter situation. (21 min)


This video focuses on Behaviors of Concern, which are the potential "signposts" that may indicate when a low-threat behavior may be part of a pattern that is building toward violence. According to the findings of the U.S. Secret Service Safe School Initiative, incidents of targeted violence at schools are rarely impulsive. The attacks are typically the result of an understandable and often discernible process of thinking and behavior. This training video strives to provide students and faculty with a sharper lens from which to more clearly view your campus community. We want to help you recognize when a low-threat behavior may be escalating toward possible violence.

  • Flash Point on Campus: Recognizing and preventing violence on campus. (20 min)