Meet the Staff

Office of the Chief

Chief of Police
D. Paul Waltz Jr.


  • Deputy Chief of Police
    Paul Daugherty
  • Office Administrator
    Candace Ray
  • Information Coordinator
    Christopher Goodale

Administrative Division

Lt. Nicholas Newcomb

  • Stephanie Burnett - Staff Assistant

  • William "Tony" Shea - Staff Assistant
  • Mark Stafford - Staff Assistant

Investigations Division


Accreditation Division

Lt. Earl S. VanAntwerp

Technical Services Division

Lt. Michael Jorgensen

  • Donald Gray - Technical  Operations Coordinator

  • VACANT - Staff Assistant

Patrol Division

 Lt. John Stefanko                     Lt. Frank Persons 

Police Officer Jonathan Christian Police Officer David Cohen

Police Officer Katherine Davies    Police Officer Michael Giallanza

Police Officer David Giocondo      Police Officer Sarah Howard

Police Officer Dylan Lyons           Police Officer Zachary McCaleb

Police Officer Joseph Nappo      Police Officer Chad Thompson

Police Officer Victoria Tolkan      Police Officer David Woodward


Communications Division

Police Officer Erika Stone - Supervisor

Stephanie King - Staff Assistant

Public Safety Staff Assistants

Sonya Baxter                           Sara Perkins

Brian Patterson                        Matthew Portnoy

Craig Pombrio                          Christopher Warguleski                                 


Capt. Tracy Collins - Retired 01/11/2017

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