Tips and Links

Crime Prevention Tips From UPD

In order to protect yourself and your property, here are a few tips from UPD:

  • Most larcenies occur in areas that are left unsecured so please:
    • Close and lock your door if leaving your office, even if just for a few minutes
    • Lock your locker and don't give anyone the combination
    • Place valuables in locked drawers/lockers
    • Don't leave belongings in common areas
  • Be alert for suspicious persons/activity and REPORT IT!
    • Person you have not seen in the area previously
    • Going from room to room as if looking for something
    • Someone in an unauthorized area
  • Don't walk to your car alone
    • Walk with a friend or co-worker
    • Call Public Safety for an escort
    • Stay in well lit areas

Bicycle Larcenies

Here are some suggestions on how to safeguard your bicycle, use them at your discretion:

  • Take your bike to your office with you and secure it
  • If your bike has a quick release front wheel, seat, or handlebars remove them and take with you
  • Utilize a reliable, sturdy U-lock
  • Heavy/covered chain instead of lightweight or cable

Remember, you are your own best defense against thieves!!