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Track Your Community Service

Beginning in November of 2005, a website was created to log and track community service information, including hours, types of volunteerism, awards and special recognition.


Log on to the AIS Self-Serve Restricted Access site, enter your Oracle username and password, and click on Community Service under the My Information menu.


Log on to the Student ISIS Banner website, enter secure area, log in using your SUNY Upstate identification number (User ID) and your Personal Identification Number (PIN), click on Personal Information, then Community Service. Click on Add Entry to begin entering your community service hours.

Community service information may be entered at any time throughout the year, however annual entries should be completed by February of the following year for reporting purposes. The new site enables students and employees to maintain a record of their community service, and Upstate to recognize their efforts.

In 2007, the CEV's name was changed to Team Upstate to better reflect the fact that students, as well as employees, are actively involved in community service throughout the year. Students will be able to log in their volunteer hours beginning in March of 2007.