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2010 Quarter 1 Report

The Team Upstate Council was formed to promote public awareness of the University's contributions to the community and to instill pride in our organization by acknowledging and supporting employee volunteer efforts. We believe the spirit of volunteerism adds an important dimension to our workplace culture.

Below is a list of activities for this quarter.

Amaus Free Clinic - Cathedral Emergency Services (January - March)

50 Upstate medical students volunteered at the weekly free clinic during the winter semester.

Reading Buddies Program (January - March)

15 Upstate students participate one-on-one with 3rd grade students at Dr. King Magnet School each week during the spring semester.

Salt City Homeless Outreach Program - SC Hope (January - March)

50 Upstate medical students provided free medical care at the weekly clinic in the basement of the Mulroy Civic Center during the spring semester.

Salvation Army (January - March)

10 Upstate students bring health education to teenagers twice a month throughout the spring semester. Booth House is operated by the Salvation Army to provide young adults ages 12-17 with difficult living situations a temporary place to stay.

5 Upstate students bring nutrition and health education twice a month throughout the spring semester to youth ages 5-12 at the After-School Program of the Salvation Army.

20 Upstate students, along with Dr. Seuss, the Cat in the Hat, and Sidney the Kidney from the National Kidney Foundation of CNY, organized a pediatric health fair in February at the Salvation Army's After-School Program for 50 youth ages 5-12.

Team Haiti (January - February)

Upstate campus and community were instrumental in collecting over $15,000 for relief efforts in Haiti.

Dance Marathon for Global Health (January)

Upstate campus and community participated in a 12-hour dance marathon and raised over $1,500 for the non-profit organization Doctors for Global Health.

Colleges Against Cancer Bake Sale (February)

Upstate students organized a bake sale to benefit Relay for Life and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Friends of Dorothy House (February)

5 Upstate students assisted in the monthly dinner to benefit Dorothy House, which offers home-based care to people with AIDS in a variety of ways, with a primary focus on hospice care.

Physical Therapy Bake Sale (February)

The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Class of 2011 hosted a bake sale to benefit physical therapy research.

8th Annual Father Daughter Valentine Ball (February 9)

Upstate employees volunteered at the annual event, which was attended by 651, and raised over $33,000 to support Pediatric services at Upstate.

Green Hills Health Fair (March)

5 Upstate students participated in a health fair at Green Hills Market to promote nutrition and health education.

Report prepared by:
Zanette G. Howe, Marketing and University Communications, Special Events Manager Andrea B. Leifer, Program Coordinator Community Outreach & Global Health Education