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Research Faculty

Vivian Gahtan

Research Interests

Smooth muscle cell migration, thrombospondin, extracellular matrix-smooth muscle cell interactions, vascular surgery procedure outcomes

Dilip Kittur

Research Interests

Xenotransplantation, Endothelial cell dysfunction, Use of herbal products in transplant biology

Leslie Kohman
Leslie Kohman, MD, FACS
Distinguished Service Professor

Research Interests

All aspects of thoracic oncology and lung cancer. Clinical trials in solid organ cancers.

Kristopher Maier
Kristopher Maier, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Vascular disease, Vascular Complications in Diabetes, Endothelial and Smooth Muscle Intracellular Signaling

Qinghe Meng
Qinghe Meng, MD
Gary Nieman
Gary Nieman, MS

Research Interests

Cardiopulmonary Critical Care

Guirong Wang

Research Interests

Innate immunology; host defense; inflammatory regulation; Surfactant Protein expression, regulation and function; humanized transgenic mice;  Bacterial induced pneumonia and sepsis; acute lung injury and ARDS; lung stem cell and differentiation; PM2.5 induced pulmonary disease