Trauma Guideline Manual


Introduction - Purpose and Goals PDF Icon

Code Criteria PDF Icon

Admissions & Transfers

Burns (see below)

Closure of the Trauma Center (Temporary) PDF Icon

Deep Vein Thrombosis - Caprini Score

Equipment and Resuscitation Preparation PDF Icon

Substance Abuse Referral PDF Icon


Trauma Team

Universal Precautions - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) PDF Icon


Abdominal Injury

Airway Management

Alcohol Withdrawl Syndrome PDF Icon     ALGORITHM PDF Icon

Blood and Blood Product Transfusion PDF Icon 

Brain Injury

Cardiac Injury - Blunt PDF Icon    ALGORITHM PDF Icon

Cervical Spine

Chest Injury

Damage Control Surgery PDF Icon ALGORITHM PDF Icon

Domestic Violence PDF Icon 


Gunshot Wound - Trans-medial PDF Icon

Intra-Abdomial Hypertension/Compartment Syndrome PDF Icon

Kidney and Bladder Injury PDF Icon

Liver Injury PDF Icon     ALGORITHM PDF Icon

Mediastinum - Widened PDF Icon

Neck Injury - Penetrating PDF Icon     ALGORITHM PDF Icon

Orthopedic Injury

Pregnant Trauma Patients PDF Icon     ALGORITHM PDF Icon     PRESENTATION PDF Icon PDF Icon

Spinal Injury - Thoracic and Lumbosacral PDF Icon     ALGORHITHM PDF Icon

Splenic Injury - Non-operative PDF Icon     ALGORITHM PDF Icon

Traumatic Arrest PDF Icon     ALGORITHM PDF Icon


Back-up Team Activation PDF Icon

Brain Injury

Emergency Department - Non-Accidental Trauma PDF Icon

Non-Accidental Trauma PDF Icon 

SBIRT Screening and Social Work Consultation PDF Icon



Burn Order Set PDF Icon

Clincal Practice Guidelines PDF Icon

Fluid Resusciation PDF Icon       Algorhithm PDF Icon

Management & Prevention of Delirium (Geriatric) PDF Icon

Resident Manual PDF Icon