Course Description

The ATLS Course teaches well-established treatment methods and approaches trauma care in a systemized manner, presenting to the physician a concise method of establishing assessment and management priorities in the care of the trauma patient.

TRAUMA strikes down its many victims swiftly and indiscriminately. In that first critical hour after someone has been severely injured, the physician must act with speed, knowledge and skill.

The AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS (ACS) COMMITTEE ON TRAUMA developed the current ATLS® Program in accordance with the College's long-standing dedication to improvement of care for the surgical patient. The program is designed for physicians who do not treat victims of major trauma regularly and who may not have immediate access to sophisticated emergency care facilities. Physicians treating trauma patients in emergency or surgical departments also benefit from the course training. The program emphasizes the first hour of initial assessment and primary management of the injured patient, starting at the point in time of injury and continuing through initial assessment, life-saving intervention, re-evaluation, stabilization, and when needed, transfer to a facility in which the patient can receive specialized care, such as a trauma center.