Let's Not Meet by Accident—"A Dose of Real Life"

Distracted driving – whether from drinking, texting or any number of issues – can have serious consequences

"Let's Not Meet By Accident" is a free injury prevention program designed by Trauma Services at Upstate University Hospital to educate young drivers on the harsh realties of bad decision making behind the wheel of a car.

Participants learn that traumatic injuries claim the lives of more Americans under the age of 44 than AIDS, cancer and heart disease combined. During this powerful 1-1/2 hour “Let’s Not Meet By Accident” program, participants will listen to an actual paramedic report to a hospital on a mass causality incident involving young drivers.

“Let’s Not Meet By Accident” is offered monthly during the school year. Groups of up-to 150 persons can be accommodated. Teachers, parents and other family members are encouraged to attend with students.

For more information, contact Upstate Trauma Services at (315) 464-4773 or trauma@upstate.edu