Upstate Surgical Flight Team on the Helipad

Let's Not Meet by Accident—"A Dose of Real Life"

Let's Not Meet By Accident
Contact: Trauma Services
Phone: 315 464-4773

Distracted driving – whether from drinking, texting or any number of issues – can have serious consequences

Trauma Team

"Let's Not Meet By Accident" is a free injury prevention program designed by Trauma Services at Upstate University Hospital to educate young drivers on the harsh realties of bad decision making behind the wheel of a car.

Participants learn that traumatic injuries claim the lives of more Americans under the age of 44 than AIDS, cancer and heart disease combined. During this powerful 2-1/2 hour “Let’s Not Meet By Accident” program, participants will listen to an actual paramedic report to a hospital on a mass causality incident involving young drivers.

They will also visit:

  • The helipad - where medical helicopters, carrying accident victims, land.
  • The trauma resuscitation room - where accident victims are treated.
  • The ambulance bay - where ambulances arrive carrying accident victims.

“Let’s Not Meet By Accident” is offered weekly during the school year. Summer classes are also available upon request.

Groups of up to 30 persons can be accommodated. Teachers, parents and other family members are encouraged to attend with students.

For those interested in attending one of these programs, or if you would like someone from University Hospital to come to your school and speak, contact the Trauma Service at 315-464-4773.