Protecting Your Child from Burns

Are you doing all you should to protect your baby against serious burns?

Babies are very special people. Not just because they are tiny and helpless and inspire our love, but because babies are also especially vulnerable to injury, particularly burns. More than a hundred babies in Central New York are burned seriously enough each year to be hospitalized.
A burn that might only cause discomfort to an adult could be very serious and terribly painful to a baby. The baby's skin is far more sensitive than the adult's. And because the baby is small, every square inch of burned skin is far more significant than it would be for an adult.

Unfortunately, babies are also more likely to be burned than adults are. Babies are curious, fearless, and not well coordinated. They will explore and touch almost anything, anywhere, any way they can.

It is important to realize that fire is only a minor cause of burns. Most of the hazards are far less obvious things such as hot coffee, radiators, and electrical outlets. This means that parents must be constantly on guard to keep babies out of danger. Because you love your baby, you will want to review this burn safety checklist.

Post it where you can review it regularly. By following these precautions, you will be protecting your baby, yourself, other family members, and your pets as well.