First Year

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In the first year of the residency program, the resident becomes involved in surgical diagnosis and in intensive pre- and postoperative care.

The resident also becomes increasingly knowledgeable in selecting appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The intern is the member of the team most responsible for the floor management of patients.

The major thrust of the first year is not operative experience on complex cases, although substantial operating room experience is obtained, especially at the community hospitals. Service is balanced with education.

PGY-1 Rotation Breakdown
Rotation Length
Community Campus* 1 Month
Acute Care Surgery 1 Month
Advanced Laparoscopic/Hepatobiliary 1 Month
VA Hospital* 2 Months
SICU 1 Month
Surgical Elective** 1 Month
Pediatric Surgery 1 Month
Trauma 1 Month
Vascular 1 Month
ER (day) 1 Month
Thoracic/Transplant 1 Month
* Go to Program Overview (Affiliated Hospitals) to see what services are covered
** Orthopedic Surgery, ENT, Neurosurgery or Urology