General Surgery Residency

As medicine—and surgery—traverse a time of particularly noticeable change… is worthwhile to focus upon the nature of surgical training. It is a nearly unique undertaking combining the acquisition of an enormous body of cognitive knowledge encompassing the clinical and basic sciences of surgery, the development of technical skills comparable to those of an artist (and of the "hottest" video gamer) and, above all, the mastery of clinical judgment.

A fundamental education principle of any general surgery program is to adequately prepare the resident for Board Certification. Simply "Passing the Boards" is not sufficient, however; the goal of the SUNY Upstate Program is to provide you with the best possible education and training for a career in General Surgery or one of its disciplines.

To derive the maximal benefit from your residency requires that you actively participate in every aspect of the program, from the operating room to the classroom. Self-instruction and motivation are the primary principles of adult education. The clearly established objective of this residency program is to prepare the participants to be safe and effective surgeons and to enable them to embark on a successful and satisfying career in their chosen field of surgery.