Surgery and Surgical Subspecialties Clerkship

Contact: Rebecca Bellini, Student Education Coordinator, MSIII and MSIV
SUNY Upstate Medical University
Department of Surgery, Room 8602
750 E. Adams Street, Syracuse, New York 13210
Phone (voice): 315 464-6248

Our MSIII Surgery and Surgical Subspecialties Clerkship is an
eight-week inpatient program consisting of the following:

  • Clerkship orientation including skills lab training
  • 5 weeks of general surgery services
    Depending on site location, the following services may be offered: 
         acute care surgery, advanced laparoscopy, burns, cardiac,
         er consult/emergency, 
    minimally invasive surgery, pediatric surgery,
         SICU, surgical oncology, thoracic & transplant, 
    trauma, vascular,
         as well as general surgery services at affiliated sites including
         Community General Hospital and the VA Hospital.
  • 3 weeks of surgical sub-specialty services. 
    Students must choose three choices from the list of four below.
    1. Anesthesiology
    2. Orthopedic surgery
    3. Otolaryngology
    4. Urology 

The goal of the Surgery Clerkship is to introduce students to the medical management of surgical disease and the principals of caring for the surgical patient. The course is designed to enable students to recognize problems of a surgical nature, to understand the relevant pathophysiology, and to give the student some familiarity with the risks and benefits involved with surgical therapy.

Students will be expected to participate as part of the team in all contributions to the management of patient care on the service.  That includes daily rounds, writing progress notes, assisting in the admission of new patients, and writing student orders.
During clinic time, students will be required to perform history and physical exams, assist with initial patient evaluations, and participate in pre and post operative evaluations and discussions. 
In the operating room, students will be expected to contribute to patient care as well.  Under the supervision of an approved instructor, students will assist in surgical procedures, as well as contribute to the patient’s pre and post operative evaluation phases.
Additional education will be provided by various members of the surgical attending staff through a selection of core lecture sessions that include general surgery content, as well as topics selected in anesthesia, orthopedics, otolaryngology, and urology.