Changes & Edits

Changes to the Student Handbook sometimes happen after the handbook is posted. In such cases, except when the changes do not change the meaning of the policies involved (changing contact info, typos, and other minor inconsequential changes), those changes will be chronicled here.

2016-2017 Student Handbook Changes & Edits - no major changes.

2017-2018 Student Handbook Changes & Edits:

1) Under Expectations of Students and University Policies, Business Activities on Campus, Distribution of Materials has made the following changes/edits to the Policy Statement:

Old Version

In accordance with SUNY board of trustees resolution number 66-156 of 5/12/66 (amended February 28, 1973):

No authorization will be given to private commercial enterprises to operate on State University campuses or in facilities furnished by the University other than to provide for food, campus bookstore, laundry, and cultural events. This resolution shall not be deemed to apply to Faculty-Student Association activities approved by the University.  

New Version

In accordance with SUNY Board of Trustees Resolution Number 2012-020 of 3/28/12 and the SUNY Commercial Use Policy:

It is the policy of the State University to encourage the use of capital facilities of the University for appropriate commercial uses.  For purposes of this policy, “commercial use” means use for profit or potential profit, including research, by public or private entities. Upstate, on a case-by-case basis as further described below, may authorize commercial use, at its sole discretion, of its capital facilities subject to the following principles:

  • Use of University facilities for instruction, research and public service take priority over the commercial use of University facilities.
  • Commercial use shall not be in conflict with, and shall advance the mission of, the campus, and shall not infringe upon, delay or conflict with the normal operation of the campus.
  • Commercial use shall not be in conflict with and shall advance the University’s strategic plan.
  • Commercial use shall not have a significant potential for material adverse effect on the reputation of the campus for academic integrity and independence.
  • Commercial use shall not compete with or replicate activities of the campus auxiliary services corporation, campus foundation, or other campus-related entities.
  • Commercial use shall not violate existing agreements between the campus, its auxiliary services corporation, foundation or other campus-related entities and vendors providing goods or services on campus.
  • Commercial use shall conform to federal tax law restrictions on private use of facilities financed by tax-exempt bonds.
  • Commercial use shall comply with Federal research guidelines, to the extent applicable.